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The symptoms of bipolar I disordertreatment resistant depressionor schizophrenia may include thoughts of suicide or of hurting yourself or othersIf you have these thoughts at any timetell your doctor or go to an emergency room right away.

There is no known treatment for established cases of tardive dyskinesiaalthough the syndrome may remitpartially or completelyif antipsychotic treatment is withdrawnAntipsychotic treatmentitselfhowevermay suppressor partially suppressthe signs and symptoms of the syndrome and thereby may possibly mask the underlying processThe effect that symptomatic suppression has upon the long-term course of the syndrome is unknown.

The following table enumerates the percentage of patients with treatment-emergent extrapyramidal symptoms as assessed by spontaneously reported adverse reactions in the same controlled clinical trial comparing fixed doses of intramuscular olanzapine for injection with placebo in agitated patients with schizophrenia.

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