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Each capsule contains 300 mg of extract as dry extract from shallaki boswellia serrata 6 1 equivalent to 1800 mg of shallaki resin .

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This study was cleared by prozac oral the institutional ethics committeeBefore starting the treatmentwritten consent was taken from the patients and detailed clinical history was taken in the clinical research proforma based on modern and Ayurvedic parametersThe study was conducted as a randomizedsingle-blind clinical trial.

Clinical evaluation of Boswellia serrataShallakiresin in the management of Sandhivataosteoarthritis)

The present study was carried out to assess the efficacy of ShallakiBoswellia serrataResinon Sandhigata vataOAand to assess the comparative effect of Shallaki capsule given orally with combined therapy of Shallaki capsule given orally with Shallaki ointment applied externally.

Clinical evaluation of Boswellia serrataShallakiresin in the management of Sandhivataosteoarthritis)

Joint pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritisChronic back and muscular painJoint pain after menopause.

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