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Shatavari is thought to have a diuretic effect that inhibits the body’s ability to absorb sodiumThis means that people taking the supplement may have a higher risk of becoming dehydratedAnyone taking diuretic medication should avoid shatavari.

Shatavari supplements have also traditionally been used to combat anxiety and depressionNo research has investigated these effects in humansthough studies suggest that the plant may have these effects in rats.

Breathing difficulties itchy skin or eyes a rash or hives a rapid heart rate dizziness.

More study is neededbut researchers suggest understanding how shatavari impacts blood sugar buy atarax may hold the key to the development of new diabetes treatments.

The supplement may also cause low blood sugarPeople taking medications or herbal remedies to lower blood sugar should refrain from taking shatavari.

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in traditional chinese medicine, shatavari is very closely related to tian men dong, an asparagus root which is a very potent yin tonic, frick says.

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