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It is recommended that patients receiving danazol be monitored for hepatic dysfunction by laboratory tests and clinical observation.

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XDo not use in pregnancyRisks buy atarax involved outweigh potential benefitsSafer alternatives exist.

Taking danazol to treat endometriosis may increase your risk of ovarian cancerTalk with your doctor about your individual risk.

Use of Danazol in pregnancy is contraindicatedA sensitive teste.gbeta subunit test if availablecapable of determining early pregnancy is recommended immediately prior to start of therapyAdditionally a non-hormonal method of contraception should be used during therapyIf a patient becomes pregnant while taking Danazoladministration of the drug should be discontinued and the patient should be apprised of the potential risk to the fetusExposure to Danazol in utero may result in androgenic effects on the female fetusreports of clitoral hypertrophylabial fusionurogenital sinus defectvaginal atresiaand ambiguous genitalia have been receivedSee PRECAUTIONSPregnancyTeratogenic Effects

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