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Bone pain or fractures bleedingtenderor enlarged gums changes in muscle movements or coordination confusion dizziness rash sensation of spinning signs of anemialow red blood cellse.gdizzinesspale skinunusual tiredness or weaknessshortness of breathsigns of bleedinge.gunusual nosebleedsbruisingblood in urinecoughing bloodbleeding gumscuts that don’t stop bleedingsigns of infectionsymptoms may include fever or chillssevere diarrheashortness of breathprolonged dizzinessheadachestiff neckweight lossor listlessnesssigns of liver problemse.gnauseavomitingdiarrhealoss of appetiteweight lossyellowing of the skin or whites of the eyesdark urinepale stoolsslurred speech symptoms of high blood sugare.gfrequent urinationincreased thirstexcessive eatingunexplained weight losspoor wound healinginfectionsfruity breath odourunusual eye movement.

Do not change your dose of DILANTIN without talking to your healthcare providerOnly your doctor can recommend changing your medicationWhen a change in the dosage form or brand is prescribedcareful monitoring of phenytoin serum levels should be carried out by your doctor.

Avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking DilantinAlcohol use can increase your blood levels of phenytoin and may increase side effectsDaily alcohol use can decrease your blood levels of phenytoinwhich can increase your risk of seizures.

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