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The safety and efficacy of tamoxifen for girls aged 2 to 10 years with mccune-albright syndrome and precocious puberty have not been studied beyond one year of treatment.

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Many drugs can interact with tamoxifenTell your doctor if you are using any of these medications:

If you need to go into hospital for any reasonalways tell the doctors and nurses that you are taking tamoxifenExplain you are taking a hormonal therapy drug that no one purchase atarax should stop or restart without checking with your cancer doctor firstTell them the name of your cancer doctor and their contact details so they can ask for advice.

ATamoxifen is a medication that is used to treat or prevent breast cancerTamoxifen is in the group of medications called selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERMsTamoxifen interferes with the activity of estrogenthat may promote the growth of breast cancerSome breast cancers are classified as estrogen receptor positive which means they have a protein that estrogen binds toThese breast cancers depend on estrogen to grow and tamoxifen works against the effects of estrogen on these cellsThe prescribing information on tamoxifen lists the following as the most common side effects of the medicationhot flashesheadachesfatiguenausea/vomitingvaginal drynessand skin rashThe side effects are similar to those experienced during menopauseThe prescribing information on tamoxifen states that depending on your type of breast cancer the treatment length will varyPatients with metastatic breast cancer may take tamoxifen for long periods of time depending on the cancer’s response to the medicationWhen used in patients with early stage breast cancertamoxifen is generally prescribed for 5 yearsTamoxifen has been linked to endometrial cancer is some womenand the length of time taking the medication increases the riskPatients who do not have a uterus are not at riskThis is one of the main reasons that tamoxifen is not taken for longer than 5 yearsCataracts are a common eye issue as we agebut it is found that tamoxifen can increase the risk of developing this conditionIf you are taking chemotherapy medications while taking tamoxifenthere is a small increase in the risk for developing blood clotsThe total number of women who experienced this side effect was very smallThe risk is similar to taking estrogen hormone replacement therapyLori PoulinPharmD.

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