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Small studies of initial treatment have found that the combination of nevirapine with several dual-nucleoside analogue backbonesemtricitabinetenofovirdidanosinestavudineor lamivudinezidovudinecompares favorably with atazanavir/ritonavir5indinavir6or nelfinavir7plus the same nucleoside analoguesIn a small studythe combination of didanosinetenofovirnevirapine has demonstrated high rates of early virologic failure in treatment-naive individuals8It is not yet known why this regimen resulted cheap Flomax in high failure ratespending further investigationthis combination should be avoided.

Patients experiencing rash during the 14-day lead-in period of 200 mg/day should not have their Viramune dose increased until the rash has resolvedThe isolated rash should be closely monitoredsee section 4.4The 200 mg once daily dosing regimen should not be continued beyond 28 days at which point in time an alternative treatment should be sought due to the possible risk of underexposure and resistance.

The interaction between nevirapine and the antithrombotic agent warfarin is complexwith the potential for both increases and decreases in coagulation time when used concomitantly.

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