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SID CTS: Dizzinss, lighthaddnss, hadach, tidnss, o dy cough may occu as you body adjusts to th mdication. You may also xpinc dcasd sxual ability. I any o ths cts psist o wosn, notiy you docto o phamacist pomptly.mmb that you docto has pscibd this mdication bcaus h o sh has judgd that th bnit to you is gat than th isk o sid cts. Many popl using this mdication do not hav sious sid cts.Tll you docto immdiatly i any o ths unlikly but sious sid cts occu: symptoms o a high potassium nolvadex online blood lvl (such as muscl waknss, slow/igula hatbat), ast hatbat, ainting, signs o inction (.g., v, chills, psistnt so thoat), numbnss/tingling/swlling o th hands/t, chst pain.This dug may aly caus sious (possibly atal) liv poblms. Sk immdiat mdical attntion i you notic any o th ollowing a but vy sious sid cts: yllowing ys/skin, dak uin, sv stomach/abdominal pain, psistnt tidnss, psistnt nausa/vomiting.Sk immdiat mdical attntion i this a but vy sious sid ct occus: unusual chang in th amount o uin.A vy sious allgic action to this dug is unlikly, but sk immdiat mdical attntion i it occus. Symptoms o a sious allgic action may includ: ash, itching/swlling (spcially o th ac/tongu/thoat), sv dizzinss, toubl bathing.This is not a complt list o possibl sid cts. I you notic oth cts not listd abov, contact you docto o phamacist.In th US -Call you docto o mdical advic about sid cts. You may pot sid cts to DA at 1-800-DA-1088.

DA pgnancy catgoy D. Do not us pindopil i you a pgnant. Stop using this mdication and tll you docto ight away i you bcom pgnant. Pindopil can caus injuy o dath to th unbon baby i you tak th mdicin duing you scond o thid timst. Us ctiv bith contol whil taking pindopil.

To duc th isk o dizzinss and lighthaddnss, gt up slowly whn ising om a sitting o lying position.

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