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To mask the bitter tasteit is recommended to mix this powder in a liquid like orange juiceNootropil is water-soluble and can be taken with or without food.

Research studies demonstrate that this brain enhancer can increase the communication between both hemispheres of the brainThis purported mechanism of action is believed to have benefits for reasoningworking memory and general cognitionbut more research is needed to understand how this works.

In the United StatesPiracetam is an unregulatedunscheduled compound and cannot be promoted for the treatment of any health problemsIt also does not meet the qualifications of a dietary supplementand cannot be labeled or sold as such.

Most common possible side effects include the followingReport severe reactionssuch as a skin rashto your doctorRashWeight gainnervousnessand overactive restlessness.

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nootropil is a very productive cognition enhancer and health supplement.

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