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Information about Yasmin.

Hepatic ImpairmentYasmin is contraindicated in patients with hepatic disease.

The mean exposure to DRSP in women with moderate liver impairment is approximately three times higher than the exposure in women with normal liver functionYasmin has not been studied in women with severe hepatic impairmentSee CONTRAINDICATIONS and WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

Risk ratios displayed on logarithmic scalerisk ratio 1 indicates an increased risk of VTE for DRSP.

CommentsStart either the first day of mensesor the first Sunday after onset of mensesWhen switching from a different oral contraceptivestart the day a new pack of the previous medication would have been startedWhen switching from a transdermal patchvaginal ringor injectionstart when the next application would have been dueWhen switching from an intrauterine devicestart the day the device is removedTablets should be taken in the order directed on the packageTake at the same time every daypreferably after the evening meal or at bedtimePatients should use a non-hormonal contraceptive as back up for the first 7 days.

It is recommended to start taking Yasmin on the first day of your periodor on the first Sunday following your periodFor optimal resultsYasmin birth control pills should be taken once every 24 hoursideally at the same time each day.

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