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For the prevention and treatment of adult and pediatric urolithiasiskidney stone formationincluding calcium oxalate stonescalcium and phosphate stones and uric acid and urate bladder stones Crystalluriapresence of crystals in urinePrevention of post lithotripsyremoval of kidney stones with shockwavesrecurrence of stones As an adjuvant in chronic UTInonspecific urethritisirritation or swelling of the urethraincluding dysuriapainful urination or blood present in urineburning micturitionurinationand hyperuricemiagout)

Background Although Paracetamol and NSAIDs are commonly prescribed for the patients with osteoarthritisgastrointestinalhepatic and renal toxicity limit their usageHerbal medicine is wide spread and presents a large source that might serve for development of novel drugsRumalaya ForteRFis one such poly herbal formulation prescribed to osteoarthritic patients for yearsSeveral clinical studies have been undertaken with Rumalaya forte.

Conclusions RF was more effective as acetaminophen in improving hand osteoarthritis symptoms and increased joint mobility and strength to HOA patients.

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