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All patients receiving intrathecal baclofen therapy are potentially at risk for withdrawalEarly symptoms of baclofen withdrawal may include return of baseline spasticitypruritushypotensionand paresthesiasPriapism may develop or recur if treatment with intrathecal baclofen is interruptedSome clinical characteristics of the advanced intrathecal baclofen withdrawal syndrome may resemble autonomic dysreflexiainfectionsepsismalignant hyperthermianeuroleptic-malignant syndromeor other conditions associated with a hypermetabolic state or widespread rhabdomyolysis.

LIORESAL INTRATHECALbaclofen injectionis a muscle relaxant and antispasticIts chemical name is 4-amino-34-chlorophenylbutanoic acidand its structural formula is:

LABORATORY TESTS No specific laboratory tests are deemed essential for the management of patients on LIORESAL INTRATHECAL.

Patient selection is important when initiating Lioresal therapyit is likely to be of most benefit in patients whose spasticity constitutes a handicap to activities and/or physiotherapyTreatment should not be commenced until the spastic state has become stabilised.

Pharmacokinetics of LIORESAL INTRATHECALThe pharmacokinetics of CSF clearance of LIORESAL INTRATHECAL calculated from intrathecal bolus or continuous infusion studies approximates CSF turnoversuggesting elimination is by bulk-flow removal of CSF.

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