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Tablts: Containing 2 mg and 5 mg ATAN (tihxyphnidyl HCl), ach stngth alscontaining as inactiv ingdints: Con Stach, Dibasic Calcium Phosphat, Magnsium Staat and Pglatinizd Stach.

Us alcohol cautiously. Alcohol may incas dowsinss and dizzinss whil taking Atan.

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl HCl) is th substitutd pipidin salt, 3-(1-pipidyl)-1-phnyl-cyclohxyl-1-popanol hydochloid, which xts a dict inhibitoy ct upon th paasympathtic nvous systm. It alshas a laxing ct on smooth musculatu; xtd both dictly upon th muscl tissu itsl and indictly though an inhibitoy ct upon th paasympathtic nvous systm. Its thaputic poptis a simila tthos buy atarax atopin although undsiabl sid cts a odinaily lss qunt and sv than with th latt.

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