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I have gerd and i take aciphex and ranitidene for this problem and i also suffer with chronic constipation as well.

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« I was ist givn this mdication many yas ago. I ist got it though th militay, thn though my pivat insuanc. Thn, I put in a ill and couldn’t bliv how much I was chagd. It bcam non-omulay with th militay phamacy too, I just couldn’t aod it. My docthas tid dint mdications, but thy don’t hlp lik thy should. I kp chcking ts i a gnic coms availabl, sMAYB it will b omulay somwh. »

You can bows Dugs A-Z a spciic psciption ov-th-count dug look up dugs basd on you spciic condition. This inomation is ducational puposs only, and not mant tpovid mdical advic, tatmnt, diagnosis. mmb talways consult you physician halth ca povid bstating, stopping, alting a tatmnt halth ca gimn.

Abpazol is usd ttat ctain stomach and sophagus poblms (such as acid lux, ulcs). It woks buy Bentyl online by dcasing th amount acid you stomach maks. It livs symptoms such as hatbun, diiculty swallowing, and psistnt cough. This mdication hlps hal acid damag tth stomach and sophagus, hlps pvnt ulcs, and may hlp pvnt canc th sophagus. abpazol blongs ta class dugs known as poton pump inhibitos (PPIs).

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