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El tiempo de sangrado tampoco se alter en un estudio con dosis nicas de 250 mg o 500 mg de arcoxia.

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Blood ua nitogn incasd, catin phosphokinas incasd, hypkalamia, uic acid incasd.

Choosing tpaticipat in a study is an impotant psonal dcision. Talk with you doctand amily mmbs inds about dciding tjoin a study. Tlan mabout this study, you you doctmay contact th study sach sta using th contacts povidd blow. gnal inomation, Lan About Clinical Studis.

Voiconazol and Miconazol : Co-administation ith oal voiconazol topical miconazol oal gl, stong CYP3A4 inhibitos, with toicoxib causd a slight incas in xposu ttoicoxib, but is not considd tb clinically maningul basd on publishd data.

Humatoid athitis is a chonic disas that causs pain, stinss, swlling and loss unction in th joints and inlammation in oth body ogans.

Th ollowing sious undsiabl cts hav bn potd in association with th us NSAIDs and cannot b uld out toicoxib: nphotoxicity including intstitial nphitis and nphotic syndom.

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