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Bloatingtake lactulose between meals instead of before or after them windsteer clear of foods that cause wind like pulseslentilsbeans and onionsIt might also help to eat smaller and more frequent mealseat and drink slowlyand exercise regularlySome pharmacy remedies help windsuch as charcoal tablets or simethiconefeeling sicktry taking lactulose with mealsor mixing your dose with some water or fruit juice vomitingdrink plenty of water or other fluidsIt may also Bentyl reviews help to take oral rehydration solutions which you can buy from a pharmacy to prevent dehydrationDon’t take any other medicines to treat vomiting without speaking to a pharmacist or doctor.

Howeverfor safetytell your doctor or pharmacist if you’re taking any other medicinesincluding herbal remediesvitamins or supplements.

Some people don’t like the sweet taste of lactuloseTo improve the tasteyou can mix your dose with half a glass or water or fruit juice.

Lactulose isn’t suitable for some peopleTo make sure lactulose is safe for youtell your doctor or pharmacist if you:

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