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In oralgavageembryo-fetal development studies of ezetimibe conducted in rats and rabbits during organogenesisthere was no evidence of embryolethal effects at the doses tested2505001000 mg/kg/dayIn ratsincreased incidences of common fetal skeletal findingsextra pair of thoracic ribsunossified cervical vertebral centrashortened ribswere observed at 1000 mg/kg/day

A 104-week dietary carcinogenicity study with ezetimibe was conducted in rats at doses up to 1500 mg/kg/daymalesand 500 mg/kg/dayfemales

Ever had liver problemsZETIA may not be right for youare pregnant or plan to become pregnantYour doctor will discuss with you whether ZETIA is right for youare breastfeedingWe do not know if ZETIA can pass to your baby through your milkYour doctor will discuss with you whether ZETIA is right for youexperience unexplained muscle paintendernessor weakness.

In oralgavagefertility studies of ezetimibe conducted in ratsthere was no evidence of reproductive toxicity at doses up to 1000 mg/kg/day in male or female rats

For High CholesterolI was prescribed this drug after my liver decided it was going to show sensitivity to statinsIm in tears right nowIts only been 4 days and I’ve been experiencing severe joint painmuscle tendernesschest painand now woken up by a night terrorI dont know what im going to dobut ai cant take this drug anymoreIt’s frightening

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more serious side effects of zetia may demand immediate emergency medical attention and include chest pain pancreatitis fever, sore throat, blistering skin rash muscle weakness, pain nausea, dark urine severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

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