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Roxithromycin is a new macrolide antibiotic with good absorption and a longer half-life than erythromycin.

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Information about Roxithromycin.

ManagementThe concurrent use of thioridizine and roxithromycin is contraindicated.

Hepatic failureThe manufacturer recommends halving the usual dose for patients with severe hepatic dysfunction.


Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you get a sorewhite mouth or tongue while or shortly after taking Roxithromycin SandozThese could be the symptoms of a fungal/yeast infection called thrushThe use of Roxithromycin Sandoz can allow fungi/yeast to grow and cause the above symptomsRoxithromycin Sandoz is not effective Bentyl without prescription against fungi/yeast.

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genome of the bacteria streptococcus pneumoniae strain r6 generic roxithromycin 150mg visa virus or bacteria.

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