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For example, low-dose casodex 50 mg daily has been compared with lhrh agonists in men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer.

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Quality of life was assessed with self-administered patient questionnaires on painsocial functioningemotional well-beingvitalityactivity limitationbed disabilityoverall healthphysical capacitygeneral symptomsand treatment related symptomsAssessment Flomax online of the Quality of Life questionnaires did not indicate consistent significant differences between the two treatment groups.

Casodex 150 mg daily is not approved for use as therapy for patients with localized prostate cancer who are candidates for watchful waitingData from a planned subgroup analysis of two of these trials in 1627 patients with localized prostate cancer who were under watchful waitingrevealed a trend toward decreased survival in the Casodex arm after a median follow-up of 7.4 yearsThere were 29437.7deaths in the Casodex treated patients versus 27932.9deaths in the placebo-treated patientslocalized watchful waiting groupfor a hazard ratio of 1.1695CI 0.99 to 1.37

5Newling DWThe response of advanced prostatic cancer to a new non-steroidal antiandrogenresults of a multicenter open phase II study of CasodexEuropean/Australian Co-operative GroupEur Urol 18 Suppl 3199018-21.

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