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The risks, if any, that may be associated with anafranil s extended use in children and adolescents with ocd have not been systematically assessed.

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Th ollowing sid cts hav bn potd by at last 1% popl taking this mdication. Many ths sid cts can b managd, and som may gaway on thi own ov tim.

Dnot b alamd by ths lists possibl sid cts. You may not xpinc any thm. Ask you doctphamacist tansw any qustions you may hav.

Patints agd 50 yas old and taking a mdicin this goup a mlikly txpinc bon actus.

B caul whn dinking alcohol taking pain livs, slping tablts antihistamins (mdicins colds allgis such as hay v) whil you a taking Anaanil.

Dpssion that is long lasting and/msv than th « low moods » that vyon has om tim ttim du tth stss vyday li. Dpssion is thought tb causd by a chmical imbalanc in pats th bain. This imbalanc acts you whol body and can caus motional and physical symptoms such as ling low in spiit, loss intst in activitis, bing unabl tnjoy li, poapptit ovating, distubd slp, loss sx div, lack ngy and lings guilt. obsssiv-compulsiv disods (OCD) and phobias in adults. muscl waknss in popl with a slp disod calld nacolpsy.

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