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Much of urinary ph is contingent upon dietary intake, those who eat acidic foods may eliminate amitriptyline faster than those on a highly alkaline diet.

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I hav qunt la-ups nv pain btwn my ibs in my chst. This bgan at having shingls. I tid 25 mg. amitiptylin bbd. ach night I slpt btt. At a wk all my chst pain was gon. I did notic bing slpy ollowing moning but it is woth having th pain gon.

Tatmnt must b continud an appopiat lngth tim. gula assssmnt is commndd tconim that continuation th tatmnt mains appopiat th patint.

Amitiptylin should b usd with caution in patints civing SSIs (s sctions 4.2 and 4.5).

Thioidazin : Co-administation amitiptylin and thioidazin (CYP2D6 substat) should b avoidd du tinhibition thioidazin mtabolism and consquntly incasd isk cadiac sid cts.

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